East York Taekwondo

                        SUCCESS FOR LIFE

           Childrens Educational Programme

SFL is an exciting new children's educational programme at the cutting edge of character building and life skills development taught through martial arts training.


Children today face difficult challenges and increasing preassures all the time. We all see and hear about the effects that school violence, bullying, negative peer preasure and obesity have on children. In our Tae Kwon Do schools we have a genuine interest in helping shape a positive future for todays youth.


Success for life was developed by martial arts instructors, elementary teachers and character education experts, working together they have devised a character education program that will help children make better decisions for the future, become more self confident, and develop into well rounded adults, and give parents more peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that they chose the best education for their children.


The students character builds through 12 life skill's modules taught in their Tae Kwon Do classes, these are supported at home by parents and children participating toghether completing child friendly, life skills check list to reinforce the skills learnt in class. Once children have demonstrated the required effort and conduct in and out of their Tae Kwon Do class, they are rewarded with a certificate of merrit in a pressentation eavening in the Tae Kwon Do class.


With our help, your child will develop

Self Discipline   Respect    Self-Condifence    Focus     Anti-Bullying   Goal-Setting

Concentration   Fairness  Teamwork   Healthy   Kindness   Positive-Attitude

And Much More.......


Some of East York Taekwondo Kids receiving there certificate of Fairness