East York Taekwondo

The Vision for Train Taekwondo is to continually offer a Family based and friendly training environment where anybody form any background can enjoy the art of Taekwondo.

As Students develop their skills, not only will they see the benefits physically, Train Taekwondo instructors will ensure they develop mentally by instilling the core values of courtesy, patience, respect, self-control, integrity, perseverance and indomitable spirit.

All Students at Train Taekwondo schools are treated as individuals; Taekwondo is not a “Team Sport” so students’ progress at their own speed. Our Instructors are on hand to coach, mentor and assist, ensuring all students get the most from their training.


Gavin Cook - Chief Instructor / Director



 Diane Hammill5 star

My son and I have been student’s at Train Taekwondo Schools for two years and as a single mum of three I often struggle to get to class but the feeling once there and the feeling afterwards far outweighs the little effort to attend, it is always worth it. 

Each lesson we get to do a gentle warm up then practice the tae kwon do attack and defensive moves we have learned and build on this a little more.  I feel more confident to protect myself physically. 

There have been two cases in the media this year where t.k students, one a young man and one a 14 year old girl in separate incidents fought off attackers.  I look forward to being able to do more in the future, I am 42 but definitely want to get to black belt level and I believe it is achievable under Gavin’s instruction. 

 I am a teacher so can spot good teaching and Gavin helps his students progress through their levels with just the right balance of firmness and fun in his teaching.  The children really respect him, his teaching is clear, concise and consistent and I have seen both children and adults move upwards in the club and develop a genuine love of the sport even surpassing their own expectations of themselves through competing and winning medals (competing is optional).

 My own son feels that although he is now busy studying for his GCSE’s  going to tae kwon do is something he wants to keep up as it gives him confidence to protect himself more in the street or schoolyard and will also help him start the career of his choice (army) both by showing dedication and commitment and in his increased physical capabilities.


Michelle Lonsdale5 star

East Yorks TAGB is a fantastic club who are very friendly and welcome new pupils of every age. Gavin is an excellent instructor who motivates and supports every pupil. My son joined the club just over a year ago and is already working towards his 3rd belt. We're really proud of his dedication and willingness to attend class every week, which is also credit to Gavin. I can't recommend this sport and East Yorks TAGB enough. Children in particular learn fantastic life skills such as honesty and respect, as well as staying fit and having fun !


Rachael Cummins5 star  

Cannot thank Gavin enough. He is patient and fantastic with the children. There are so many clubs that state they are a family orientated club but Train Taekwondo actually are they have been very accommodating. Gavin has welcomed all five of my children into his club ages ranging from 8-3yrs, girls and boys. Thank you very much x



Clair Cawthraw reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star

I cannot recommend these classes enough. My son loves attending. Gavin is a fab instructor, very patient and has great interaction with the children.
Many Thanks



Debbie Nanson reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star

My daughter attends classes and absolutely loves it, she's definately 'got the bug' and that in no small part is down to Gavin who is an excellent instructor. Can't recommend it enough.


Steve Cook reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star

Took my 2 boys (5 and 7 years old) along for our free trial session on Sunday. Absolutely fantastic!! Excellent coach who involved us all and recognised we were complete beginners. Also other members were really friendly.
All three of us are going to start doing the grades together!! Bring on next Sunday!


Sharon Louise Clark-sawer reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star


Gavin is an excellent instructor and makes each and every lesson enjoyable ...Ruby started off one lesson a week and loves it she now tries to attend three times aweek aswell as sparing and now puts pony riding as a second activity


Sarah Roberts reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star

It's the only activity my son has shown interest in. He has been attending for 21 months. He now attends a different classes and enjoys it. He has grown in confidence and eats,sleeps taekwondo. Gavin runs his classes in a non pressure fun session which allows the children/adults to develop at there own pace. fabulous group to be part of


Steve Green reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star

My boys started in Mr Cooks class and I was sat watching each week, I loved the class and the teaching. Mr Cook is incredibly patient with the younger ones but at the same time very motivational and knowledgable. After a few months I started as a student myself and am now taking the journey with my children. Love every minute of it. There is so much to take away from the teaching, not just how to kick and punch. Couldn't recommend it enough.


Paul Rossi reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star

With obvious concern for our child, aged 5, choosing the right club was extremely important and even more important was choosing the right instructor(s). We have now been with Gavin (Mr Cook) of Beverley Taekwondo for well over a year, and by ‘we’ I mean the whole family, my son, now closing on 7, my wife, won’t say, and myself aged 60! Yes.. you did read that last bit right. Absolutely loving it. Great instruction, amazing patience and fun, especially with ‘our’ kids, and at times, the older amongst us! I have also met some great people and made some amazing friends. If you want a martial arts club for your children, and don’t forget yourselves. You will find no better.


Jacqueline Shan reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star


An absolutely excellent class with Mr Cook being such a fantastic teacher !! His patience and care is what makes the absolute difference to our kids 8,5 &4 . Can't recommend train Taekwondo and Mr Cook more highly!!


Kate Foster reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools5 star

My son loves going to this class and has grown in confidence. Mr Cook is a great teacher being very patient and motivational.

Cheryl Leng reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star
My son who is 5 started Taekwondo classes with Gavin back in September - after his first lesson he was hooked! - he looks forward to class every week - which is lovely to see. Gavin is fantastic with the kids, he really engages with them and teaches Taekwondo, fitness, discipline, respect and fun all in the one hour class!! Would highly recommend to anyone - gives kids a great start in life and more confidence too.

Annemarie Anderson reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star
My son James Anderson joined 3 years ago from the first day he met gavin a bond was formed. Sometimes children need a helping hand in life what a parent can't give and gavin's bond with james and the rest of the students is something that will take with them to adult hood. From his every first kick to his first grading. To his first competition gavin has supported him all the way. Anyone thinking of joining young or old will never look back.

Peter Iddon reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star
After he had initially started lessons at school I started bringing my son to Gavin Cook's evening classes about 18 months ago. I was pleased to see how much he had started to develop a love for the sport and how beneficial it has been for him. He has developed in confidence and has made some good friends. After a few months sitting on the sidelines I decided to also join the club and have not regretted it, even surprising myself by eventually entering a couple of regional competitions. The club is friendly and inclusive and I have been able to go at my own pace. There is a fantastic ethos at the club with more experienced members helping those with less experience, with the attitude of the children being especially impressive.
There are a variety of classes spread over the local area which is convenient for us and flexible payment options depending on how many classes you wish to attend

Alastair Roberts reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star
My name is Jake and im 9 years old. I started taekwondo when I was 5. I came home with a leaflet, never looking back. I was not a confident young boy when I started. How things have changed, I am now training towards my red belt, attend competitions, support others, visit several different classes and gathering points on the assistant instructors book. You may have guessed I live for taekwondo, Mr Cook has given me the skills to be able to complete all the above, in a non pressure environment allowing me to work at my own pace and encourage me when I have found it a little challenging. I was completely amazed and proud to walk away with student of the year 2017, a very proud moment

Brian Charlie Drake reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star
My son (8) joined a few months ago, and after a few weeks he asked if I would do it too.... not only has it been great fun and good exercise with some lovely people, it has been great father son time. We now look forward to every session and plan to go to more. Gavin is an excellent teacher who can inspire both young and old(er) 👍. Thank you for making us both feel so welcome and valued

Clare Rossi reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star
A fantastic club where you are not judged on your size, age or disability. Our family has been linked to the club for 3 years now and my husband who is 62 is on his way to his way to his blackbelt. Gavin the instructor is very professional and is 100% committed to the club and his pupils. All new members are made welcome and the children are very friendly, courtious and respectful to others. Very proud to be part of such a great organisation and awesome team. We also have the best club Christmas parties so come and join us.

Emma Patterson reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star
Myself and my two sons aged 9 and 6 started training at this club just over two years ago and it is honestly one of the best decisions we have made. The classes are fun and enjoyable for all ages, and we have all learned loads and made great progress in that time. Mr Cook and his team of assistant instructors have been incredibly supportive and taken the time to help us along our journey towards achieving our black belts. The club has a real family atmosphere and we have made some great friends through the club. Training with the club has had real benefits for us all; improving self-confidence, instilling discipline and self-control and also it is a great all-round exercise and fitness opportunity. I would absolutely recommend it to everyone and it is a fantastic bonus to be able to train together as a family.

Lorna Shepherd reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star

Train Taekwondo club under the instruction of Gavin Cook has given my son bucket loads of self confidence, focus and direction, a healthy respect for martial arts and a determination to work hard and persevere to earn a black belt. 
Through the club he has the opportunity to compete in local and national competitions or just increase his fitness and fight in a safe structured environment whilst learning a new skill, Mr Cook teaches all age groups together in a fun manner and encourages all club members to work together to help each other with a assistant instructor programme, great club with a real family atmosphere. With regular classes in several venues my son is welcome to train as often as he likes. 
Learn a new skill, and some discipline, get fit and have fun all at the same time..... great club

Katy Sarah reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star

My son, who is 5, started Taekwondo in June when we moved to Stamford Bridge. It’s been a great way for him to make new friends as everyone at the club is very welcoming. He absolutely loves it now and looks forward to his class every week. Great for self-esteem, fitness and confidence building and a great social experience for all! Highly recommended for anyone.

Jenny Riley reviewed Train Taekwondo Schools — 5 star

My son who is now six was 5 when he joined. He absolutely loves Taekwondo now. He had a love for it before he joined but now he is obsessed. His confidence has grown so much. I put this down to the really friendly atmosphere in all the classes, if you can’t make one you are always made feel welcome at any of the others. Mr Cook is an amazing instructor and has so much patients with the students, some of the classes can be fairly mixed with different levels but everyone is there to help each other. I would highly recommend letting your child try a class.