East York Taekwondo

If you think martial arts are just for the young and super-fit, think again!

No matter what your fitness level, weight, flexibility or age taekwondo can offer short and long term benefits.

Benefits of Taekwondo for Adults:

Burn Calories
Have Fun
Fight Obesity
Enhance Flexibility
Build strength of body & mind
Boost confidence
Build core strength
Keep a healthy heart
Keep a healthy lifestyle
Make friends
Stronger immune system
Improved balance
Aids ailments such as Arthritis
Challenge yourself every session
Suitable for all ages & abilities
No one is too old!

Train Tae Kwon Do Schools provides martial arts training for all ages, including over-50s, enabling individuals to make a lifestyle change and build mental and physical strength.
Whatever your age and level of fitness, you can improve your health, control your weight, improve your flexibility, and maintain a healthy heart.
The discipline of Tae Kwon Do helps you develop a high level of confidence and self-belief, a positive body image and better self-control.
Tae Kwon Do offers social benefits too, as you make positive changes to your life. For the more mature student or the less-able, we can give you advice how to tailor the exercises to fit your individual capabilities